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Hey everybody, Marcus here.

I wanted to give everyone an update as to the MGTOW Renaissance Project as well as the philosophical school I had set out to open. It has been quite a while since I spoke on these subjects as I was waiting until I had enough information to be able to determine their future.

Firstly, let us talk about the MGTOW Renaissance Project. The inception of this initiative was motivated by the decline of research based content within the community. I launched the pilot program for the Renaissance Project on December 18th with a one month timebox to wager interest. It has been a little over two months since then. Now I can report as to the results. I have received somewhere around 15 submissions. Of those 15, I have rejected 3 and sent 2 back for revision. I had received one revised version. So far, I have produced 8 guest videos to date. I still have 3 scripts or so that I will be putting out as part of this pilot program.

Overall, the quality of the submissions has been pretty good. However, I would like to describe my experience with running this pilot program. A majority of the submissions were scripts and not videos. Only 3 of the 15 submissions were videos and I had published all 3 of them. The scripts were of various states of suitability for recording. What I found is though I liked the scripts and their content, I found myself in need of editing the phrasing in many of them. Though I did not change any of the substantive content of the scripts, I did find myself playing editor. This was something I wanted to avoid, but considering I was receiving so few scripts quite up to the level I was comfortable publishing on my channel, I felt that the pilot would be a complete failure unless I either lowered my own standards or invested a little effort through editing.

I opted for the latter options and did the editing before recording. What my experience has taught me is that a guest script will require at least one hour of editing plus the 2-3 hours of recording, audio editing, uploading, and so on. When you add up the time it takes me to read the script to evaluate its suitability, and then reread it at least once prior to editing, then add the production time, I am looking at no less than 4-5 hours of effort in producing a guest script.

Now, when I compare this to a script I author myself, I get a mixed bad in terms of viability of this pilot program. Some of my scripts have taken upwards of 40 hours to write, review, rewrite and so on. For example, the argument that I composed in my video entitled The Wall was one of these 40 hour scripts. However, other scripts I compose I can get done in as little as 4 to 8 hours. The production time for my own scripts is a little shorter than a guest script as there is no editing involved in addition to what occurs during my regular scripting sessions.

As such, it seems to be that a guest script saves me around 3 hours on the low end and upwards of 35h on the high end to produce a video. From a personal stand point, I do not see guest scripts as a viable mechanism for fueling content for channels when the person executing on the guest scripts also produces their own content. I phrase this conclusion in the way I do as an answer to the question as to whether or not a community channel would be viable. I would answer no, a community channel is not viable if the contributions to that channel are scripts and not completed videos. The effort involved is simply too great and the work is of the most tedious kind as the creative aspect of any video is composition the script itself. Simply put, it is not pleasurable to produce other people’s scripts.

On the other hand, a completed guest video can be put up in less than half an hour. A community channel would be viable if it was composed of fully completed guest videos as the person managing the channel would not be taking on a particularly time consuming task.

Now, the question comes up in relation to the future of the MGTOW Renaissance project. What I discovered is that though there is a good deal of work involved with putting out a guest script, they do provide backup content for a time in a content creators life when they are not particularly inspired. To that end, these guest scripts provide good content to use while the writer’s block passes. To that end, I find these scripts useful.

As such, I will continue to take on guest scripts and videos as I have been doing thus far. However, I will not be producing them on any schedule. They will be put out only in those down periods. If such a down period does not come up, such scripts may just sit there for weeks or months on end. This, I believe is the only viable long term approach to such content. As to the prospect of a community channel, I believe that though this is theoretically viable, I doubt that there would be sufficient submissions of completed videos to keep it running. If someone submits a completed video, they almost certainly have their own channel. In fact, their only real motivation to submit such a video is to get exposure from a larger channel. Absent such a motivation, there is no reason for them to not host it on their own channel. For this reason alone, I am dismissing the possibility of a community channel managed by a content creator who already runs their own channel.

So, if you do wish to submit something to me then the same rules apply as they have the last 2 months. I prefer finished videos but will continue to accept scripts.

Now, let us move onto the School of Philosophy that I had announce almost a year ago. This project is the collaborative mission of myself and Dr. Brendan O’Byrne. What needs to be understood is that this project is not some whim that Brendan and I have haphazardly undertaken because it seemed like a good idea at the time. This school is ultimately my life mission. As Brendan is substantially older than I, it will first and foremost be out joint legacy but ultimately will inform a much longer portion of my life than his. I have made many radical changes in my life to help bring this school into fruition.

First and foremost, the course work for this school is pretty much completed. The courses we had announced are done. The videos you are seeing on my channel in relation to formal logic are a product of the work I had done in developing the formal logic component of the program. I am simply adapting the curriculum to video format. However, I do not intend to put out the entire course on my channel as that would probably result in 100 videos. I am picking bits here and there that can be adopted from a lesson plan that was intended to go for 10 weeks in two 1 hour weekly sessions. Also, when I put out my videos, I script them to be a little more MGTOW friendly as oppose to a generic logic course.

Now, the major hurdle to overcome with this school is funding. To that end, absent some generous benefactors; generous in the sense of tens of thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands, the viability of a formal institution is low in any immediate capacity. Philosophers have historically either been independently wealthy as in the case of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle, had very generous benefactors as was the case with Aristotle whose Lyceum was subsidized by Alexander the Great, and Thomas Hobbes by the Duke of Newcastle, or have been dirt poor such as Nietzsche and countless others.

When Brendan and I set out our plan in opening this school we knew very well that there is no easy path in making this happen. As we live in a world full of philistines, greed, and quick gratification; a world where many may never read another book after finishing school, such lofty dreams as setting up a school of philosophy may seem like the delusions of mad men.

Yet the very same people who scoff at such things come to find tedium in their existence, and find themselves lamenting in their old age at a life either wasted or generally unfulfilled. Yet there still is hope. Only recently a billionaire named Nicolas Berggruen began investing millions into proliferating philosophy. Yet like with all philanthropic sources of money, they are surely to be raided by charlatans, opportunists, and career philosophers. These sorts of sources of funding are long shots and perhaps more appropriate for those who have grown quite effective at filling out forms and convincing others to part with their money. These are skills I do not particularly claim for myself and as such do not see these philanthropic sources as viable for what Brendan and I intend to do.

Indeed, my approach is much different. In anticipation of the funding problem, I have partnered with some acquaintances of mine in terms of starting a software company. I do not speak of this often as it is not particularly relevant to my youTube activity. However, this is the mechanism by which I intend to fund this school. If, God willing, this start-up, which was formed a year ago, and has near to 10 staff at this stage and 2 offices across 2 continents, yields the sort of payoff I need to bring this school into being, then I will be one step closer to actualizing my mission. I have moved countries once already as part of running this business. Soon enough I will be making an extended visit of several months to India to continue expanding operations. I will continue to do what I need to until this company either fails, and I am forced to reevaluate, or it succeeds and I can finally close the chapter of my life that involves software development.

As such, the school is ticking along to the level it can, given the resources at hand. There are no immediate plans to begin teaching. From Brendan’s side, he has established an important foothold within a certain global institution that may make several resources available to us for free. Resources such as teaching space, sources of students and so on. All viable angles are being actively explored, but unless through some miracle a generous benefactor appears, this project’s progress should be measured against a lifetime.

If anything significant develops in relation to the school I will let you all know, otherwise I might give a yearly update as to what has transpired.

There is one more thing I would like to talk about in this update. This is again, in anticipation of my school. I plan on slowly transitioning into the educator and counselor role as part of my own development. This ought not be interpreted as me only at this stage beginning to experiment with such things. Indeed, I have been engaged in such activities in one form or another for years now. However, they have all been fairly accidental and sporadic. What I wish to do is begin offering philosophical counseling sessions.

There are countless men who suffer from one existential malady or another that can be dealt with through philosophical counseling. Alternatively, I can in turn also offer private lessons in philosophy for those who wish to seriously and actively throw themselves into the subject. As these are ultimately the sort of activities that I find rewarding and have every intention to devote the remainder of my life to, I have decided to begin now. Though the scale will be small, as I have other commitments, nonetheless the activities will remain the same.

As such, I want to see if there is anyone within the community that wishes to take me on as a philosophical counselor for a set of 6 one hour, once a week session. I will do this for one person for free and see how it goes. Now, philosophical counseling is counseling for those who are healthy of both body and mind. I am not offering a substitute for psychiatry, or any emotionally based services that deals with depression or suicidal tendencies. The sort of person who is best suited to philosophical counseling is one who has succumbed to nihilism. Someone who has devalued everything and finds either no motivation to pursue anything or has simply grown disappointed with the human condition.

Sessions will pertain to exploring your beliefs and not your feelings, though feeling will clearly play some consequent of your beliefs. I will probably do a separate video on the subject of philosophical counseling as a whole at some point soon since philosophical counseling is not something very well known.

If you are such a person, then send me a short synopsis of your situation through a private message or leave a comment. We will see how it goes. This is a service I would ultimately offer for commercial work to the community in addition to my videos. If, on the other hand you are interest of taking me on as a philosophy tutor, I am willing to take on one student at the moment. This would not be a free service. If you are interested, please private message me and we can go over your learning objectives and my rate. Though you can learn a great deal by simply watching my videos and reading on your own, you will gain substantially more through engagement with a tutor. Trust me.

Now, I hope that this update helps to resolve any curiosity as to what has come of the things I spoke of so passionately about in the past.

Thanks for listening.

Go team.

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